If you get a track going by focusing on motherly love with excellent moving lyrics, a wonderful composition and a captivating voice to bring all the emotion right, then you have gotten yourself a wholesome chart-beating track. Its Rithu Vysakh again on the strings this time and Abhinandan David on guitars. They all come together in the track and one can see how Prashant Srinivas has skilfully written the notes which aren’t easily predictable even for a listener who has decades of experience listening to amazing compositions. The track scores very highly on creativity and instrumental arrangements as well. Janani Kamakshi who does amazing covers on Youtube is scintillating with her vocals here as she needs to get the diction, and emotion spot on without which the track would have lost its value. A nice male harmony and then a brief guitar solo forms the interlude before Janani takes over again where the notes are well written as well. The climax is worth it with Janani’s vocals, male harmonies and keyboard accompaniments all coming together.