Rowthiram Pazhagu

Out of somewhere, there comes along a singer sometimes and you have to just stop doing everything else and just pay religious attention because the singing and the composition deserve nothing less. This is a track even Mahakavi Bharathi would have been proud of, and Harini Iyer just hits this one for a home run and don’t bother looking for the ball. Her singing is just flawless and the way she manages to hit the lower scales with spellbinding stability blew me away. She sings in English mostly and when she shifts to the title lines and she is equally comfortable in Tamil. The tabla is an excellent addition to an otherwise electronic-style track. The chant of swaras with the tabla and the bass is almost transcendental and how creatively she has set this with influences from Raaga Nattai . Giri Subramanian is the man on the tabla, and the amazing bass is from Han Beyli from Ukraine.