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Just In - Nazriya Nazim alleges the Naiyaandi team of cheating
Published Date: Oct 06, 2013

Dhanush's Naiyaandi, co-starring Nazriya Nazim and Soori, is gearing up for release on Friday, the 11th of October. Sargunam has directed this movie and Ghibran's score for the flick is already being appreciated.

A controversy has just cropped up regarding Naiyaandi as lead actress Nazriya Nazim has come up with an allegation against the producer and director of the movie for using a body double for an intimate scene without proper notice. This is what she posted in her verified FB page and this has sent shock waves across the social media space.

"I have complained against the producer/director of Naiyaandi to Nadigar Sangham for cheating. They have used a body double to shoot the below scene without my permission. This is against contractual agreements. We will take legal action."

The scene she is referring is one involving Dhanush holding her from behind and she alleges that this scene was shot in a more intimate and glamorous manner with a body double. This still has already made its rounds in the net and has even been showcased as wall posters.

We have to see how Sargunam, Dhanush and the producer of the movie, Kathiresan, react to this allegation from the new darling in town. We will keep you posted.




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