Release Date : Dec 12,2012
Sivaji 3d
Review by : Behindwoods Review Board
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Production: M. S. Guhan, M. Saravanan
Cast: Manivannan, Rajinikanth, Shriya Saran, Solomon Pappayya, Suman, Vivek
Direction: Shankar
Screenplay: Shankar
Story: Shankar
Music: A. R. Rahman
Background score: A. R. Rahman
Editing: Anthony Gonsalves
Distribution: AVM Productions

12.12.12 is a phenomenon that takes place once in a lifetime, much like the story of one Mr. Sivaji Rao Gaekwad whose persona, fuelled by films, can bring life itself to a standstill with his sheer presence either off screen or onscreen. Production house AVM decided that a special man such as him must be gifted something equally special on a birthday such as this, leading to the re-release of one of his biggest blockbusters Sivaji in 3D.

Let’s take a moment to remind ourselves just how good Sivaji was and still is. Director Shankar's first outing with the Superstar meant that the expectation meters were almost at Baumgartner's level and looking back one needs to tip their hat in respect to Shankar for living up to those expectations with Sivaji. The film is a near perfect commercial drama that was tailor-made for one man only, Rajinikanth. So, in that aspect very little needs to be said about the movie.

The 3D version is notably shorter with quite a few scenes snipped from the original. What this does is help the narrative move at a fairly brisk pace. This also ensures that the final cut has only the best scenes, the best comedy, the most powerful dialogues (that shows that they stand the test of time), the most engaging fight sequences and all the cool tunes from A.R. Rahman. Since the film was made with so much grandeur it never suffers from looking dated.

The 3D experience begins right from the explosive title intro of 'SUPERSTAR', so you better make sure that you are in your seats early. The title sequences set you up for the ride quite nicely, giving you a dose of what to expect. Throughout the film there are just enough moments to remind you that you are watching it in 3D. Revealing the effects may bring down the surprise elements but it’s vividly present in songs and action scenes. As a note of relief it is important to mention here that the movie does not make your eyes sore or head ache as some 3D films are capable of inadvertently achieving.

People swear by watching a Rajini film in a packed hall to immerse themselves in the mass hysteria and Sivaji 3D allows you to experience that Rajinimania all over again, in 3D. The scenes will make you whistle and applaud, the songs will make you dance and the 3D effects will treat you to a few surprises. Go for it !

Verdict: It's a 'Mass' nostalgic trip down memory lane