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Production: Studio Green Cast: Suriya Direction: Hari Screenplay: Hari Story: Hari Music: Harris Jayaraj Background score: Harris Jayaraj Cinematography: Priyan Dialogues: Hari Editing: VT Vijayan

S3 is a film directed by Hari starring Suriya,Shruti Hassan and Anushka Shetty in lead roles.It is a sequel to the cop series Singam 1 and 2 by the same team.


O Sone Sone 


Singers : Javed Ali, Priya Subramaniyam, MC Vickey
Lyrics:PA.Vijay,MC Vickey


O Sone Sone is that song from Harris’s album that has lyrics that are whacky and have a catchy tune to it. Javed Ali’s voice is perfect for the song. MC Vickey’s rap portion adds to it well. The song has hosaka and many other meaningless words but makes us like it, thanks to the tune. The guitar portions in between have worked well too.


Mudhal Murai 


Singers:Harish Raghavendra,Swetha Mohan,N.S.K Ramya, Karthik
Lyrics : Thamarai,N.S.K Ramya


A melody with one of the best voices. Lyrics by Thamarai are impressive as usual. The beats get a little repetitive but the tune is catchy as we expect it to be. Vocals by Swetha Mohan, Harish Raghavendra are pleasing to the ears. The second part of the song that has Karthik rendering his voice is also pretty good.


Universal Cop


Singers: Christoper,Dinesh Kanagarathnam,Krish
Lyrics : Vivek,Dinesh Kanagarathnam


Universal Cop is another fast paced song by Harris for S3! It fantasizes the kind of cop Suriya is in S3. Strong,quick and unbeatable sort of a worship song that has a monotonous tone to it. The song’s rap portions are good. Harris’s special saxophone sounding voice is present in this song.


He’s My Hero


Singer : Malavika Manoj
Lyrics:Director Hari,Malavika Manoj


The song is an English jazz-based carol. It has lyrics predominantly in English with a few Tamil lines in between. It is a pleasant jazz number with a single beat as the tempo playing throughout.
Vocals by Malavika Manoj are good.


Wi Wi Wi Wi Wifi 


Singers: Karthik,Nikita Gandhi,Christoper
Lyrics:Director Hari,Harris Jayaraj


Wi Wi Wi Wi Wifi has a very dance based theme. It is a song that has Nikita Gandhi showing why she is such a good singer. Karthik does well as usual. The song has a few variations and layers after it’s first minute. It is a very danceable song and has something catchy about it too! Perfect for the commercial genre from Harris Jayaraj.


Mission To Sydney


Singer:Lady Kash
Lyrics : Director Hari,Lady Kash


Mission to Sydney is a proper commercial rock number that might suit the pace of the film. This is also a song that has lyrics by the singer and director themselves. Lady Kash has scored well with her peculiar voice. The song seems a little abrupt towards the end but ends with the same bang it started with.


S3 Theme Music


Singer:MC Vickey
Lyrics: Director Hari


S3 theme is a proper commercial theme that is super fast paced. It is perfect for the kind of cop story that Singam is. MC Vickey’s vocals and Hari’s lyrics are good and apt for the song and genre. It, however, is not a goosebumps theme music. It just has the pace required for the film.



Verdict: A proper commercial album from Harris Jayaraj for Suriya's cop story! An apt album with fast paced songs.
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


S3 (aka) Singam 3

S3 (aka) Singam 3 is a Tamil movie with production by Studio Green, direction by Hari, cinematography by Priyan, editing by VT Vijayan. The cast of S3 (aka) Singam 3 includes Suriya.