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Production: Asian , Nallusamy Pictures Cast: Radhakrishnan Parthiban, Sri Divya, Vishnu Vishal Direction: Suseenthiran Screenplay: Suseenthiran Story: Suseenthiran Music: D Imman

Maveeran Kittu is a period film starring Vishnu and Sri Divya in lead roles. Music for the film is composed by D.Imman.



Singers:  Pooja Vaidyanath
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

The album begins on a nostalgic note with a gripping melody sung by Pooja Vaidyanath. The usage of historic instruments such as harp and harmonica work quite well. The usage of jazzy keys in between is quite impressive as well. The song follows the typical Imman style with interesting chord progression and also has the flavours of Carnatic Raaga Abheri and Hindustani Raag Jog which goes off to new realms. The interludes surprisingly have the usage of electric guitar as well.



Singers:  Pradeep Vijay
Lyrics: Yugabharathi


A beautifully compelling song in Raag Aahir Bhairav arrives next with the powerful vocals of Pradeep Vijay. The song has compelling shades such as sentiment, aggression and impactful thump. The song brings the best of Raaga Aahir Bhairav in the so called philosophical aura.  Imman tries to include alien notes to this classy raga to give an eerie feel too. A very special mention should be made for the use of Saarangi in the interludes.

Unkooda Thunaiyaaaga


Singer:  Kalyani Nair
Lyrics:  Yugabharathi


A very interesting detour with a flawless solo from Kalyani Nair strikes the bull’s eye again. The unconventional 3- beat cycle rhythm is the highlight of the song. The song has an oscillating aura associated with it which makes it the most fetching aspect. The symphonic strings are quite pleasant and amazing to hear along with the Jazzy piano which makes its presence felt. The interludes are adept with Raaga Nata Bhairavi which touches great realms.


Onna Onna


Singer: D.Imman
Lyrics: Yugabharathi


An angry number with silky electric guitar and power packed drumming is sung by the composer Imman himself. The song showcases the anger and aggression quite well with the usage of trance beats as well.  It could have scored well with more experimentation.



Singers: Jithin Raj and Pooja Vaidyanath
Lyrics: Yugabharathi


Imman gets back to his strengths with another beautiful melody with a tinge of folk flavours as well. The song progresses in a conversational note and supported well with trumpets and chirpy rhythm. The string section is the real master of this track with its slow yet steady progress.  One can hear the amazing flavours of Raaga Simhendramadhyamam in terms of the tune.

Elanthaari (Reprise) 

Singers: Sniti Mishra
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

The most melodious song of the album  takes a reprise avatar with modern Jazz keys in the right timing and the innocence is brought forward with the sweet vocals of Sniti Mishra. The blues effect is quite evident with silky electric guitar in ease. The interludes are essentially contemporary with blues style guitar and live drumming fused effectively with folk flavours of Hindustani Raag Jog.

Human Ethics- Theme Music 
Solo Violin by Raghavasimhan

The grand finale occurs with a captivating instrumental track high on emotional violin and amazing chord progression. The expressive violin strikes quite well with passion and vigor. The harmonic minor scale of western classical music is perfectly put to execution in this track.

Verdict: Maveeran Kittu is an impressive album from D. Imman where he played with his strengths once again.
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Maaveeran Kittu (aka) Maaveeran Kittu

Maaveeran Kittu (aka) Maaveeran Kittu is a Tamil movie with production by Asian , Nallusamy Pictures, direction by Suseenthiran. The cast of Maaveeran Kittu (aka) Maaveeran Kittu includes Radhakrishnan Parthiban, Sri Divya, Vishnu Vishal.