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Production: AGS Entertainment Cast: Kathir, Nayanthara, Vijay, Yogi Babu Direction: Atlee Screenplay: Atlee Story: Atlee Music: AR Rahman Background score: AR Rahman Editing: Ruben

Actor Vijay will be teaming up with his regular collaborator, director Atlee, for his upcoming film Bigil, an action film set in the backdrop of football sport. Has the two-time successful actor-director duo recreated their magic in their recent outing, read the review to find out.

Produced by AGS Entertainment, Bigil stars Nayanthara as the leading lady. The film deals with the journey of  Michael (Vijay), who happens to be the head of a hood. But circumstances force him to coach a women's football team. Whether the team succeeds or they succumb forms the rest of the plot.

The first half showcases the cool and effortless screen presence of Vijay, with an introduction scene that quickly establishes his role as a do-gooder for his colony. Fans have a lot to enjoy as the director gives ample references and throwbacks to the star's earlier films. The first half also features a cute, yet overstretched romance between Bigil and Angel (played by Nayanthara).

Though the initial portions is lighter in tone, its the backstory between Michael (who is primarily known by his sporting nickname Bigil) and his father Royappan, an ageing gangster who doesn't want his son to follow his path. Vijay as Royappan, excels in handling the emotional sequences and a fine instance includes a monologue where Royappan explains to a young Michael on why he should continue winning the game. Royappan is easily one of the finest characters written by Atlee. The action sequence set in a railway station gives you an emotional high mainly due to the solid characterization of Royappan and his dynamic with Michael.

But the film falters a bit due to the presence of mildly threatening  and clichéd antagonists who enter and exit throughout the film in a rapid fashion. The sports-film aspect appears at the second half of the film. There is a fine stretch where Michael coaches the divided squad on team building. One wishes that there had been more such scenes where we get to see the team rising above personal conflicts. The climax, despite having a predictable end, manages to keep you hooked to the proceedings.

Apart from being an entertainer, the writing (by Atlee and Ramanagiri Vasan) has also touched many important themes that resonates with a viewer. Technically, Bigil is impeccably shot and lit (cinematography by G.K. Vishnu) especially during the sequences that happen within Rayappan/Michael's residence. The songs are impressively choreographed and the visuals compliment the intensity of the music. AR Rahman's thundering background score elevates the goosebumps moments. Nayanthara plays the integral role of the team's physiotherapist and travels throughout the film with her neat performance. Her scenes with Vijay are enjoyable and the fast paced dance portion for the theme music was well choreographed that will be loved by the masses.

Bigil features a brilliant ensemble performance. Special mention goes to the 'Bigil' girls, who have blended into the characters very well. Kathir, Yogi Babu and Vivekh have done their parts well, but its Vijay, who coolly takes the top acting honours. The actor gives us a completely memorable portrayal of Royappan and Michael. But the film could have been more satisfying had the makers trimmed the unwanted romantic and action sequences and had given more importance to the sports drama. Overall, Bigil is an engaging star vehicle with sports as its backdrop, which could satisfy the family audience during the festival season.

Verdict: Vijay's screen presence and an interesting second half make Bigil a worth watching women centric sports film.


2.75 5 ( 2.75 / 5.0 )



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Review by : Behindwoods Review Board Album Release Date : Sep 19,2019

1. Singapenney
Singers: A R Rahman & Shashaa Tirupati
Lyrics: Vivek

A highly powerful and energetic song composed of strong beats and tune, Singapenney is a song whose music stays true to the lyrics. Even the piano notes strike hard to implement the strength to praise and applaud women. That doesn't mean that the tune is full of strong beats, the song has gentle but commanding base. The lyrics by Vivek has transformed the usual gentle description of women adding a feeble weakling shade to women. Projecting women's strength is the main intention of Singapenney and it has achieved the same. The rhythm of the song is a great plus and the orchestra has been a major support for the same.

2. Verithanam
Singer: Vijay
Lyrics: Vivek

Try as you may, but at some point, you will tap your legs to Verithanam - the rhythm of the song is set in that way. A completely dynamic song with the expressive voice of Vijay is the main highlight, as the lyrics, slang, and voice of the singer will overshadow the tune, but the orchestra doesn't let go easily. In the interludes, the percussions, Shenai, and guitars will pull you to the music. Vivek's words add the might and confidence to the song which is evident in Thalapathy Vijay's voice.

3. Unakaga
Singers: Sreedhar Hariharan & Madhura Dhara Talluri
Lyrics: Vivek

The song opens with impressive flute music and Unakaga song starts to flow from the first note. The tune of the song gets more melodious from one phase to the next and hence Unakaga is a soothing soundtrack. Lyrics penned by Vivek has love inducted in every phrase and AR Rahman's music has highlighted the same. Madhura has added classical music shades to her lines, and the veena music which plays at the background is a perfect match. The song is one complete melodious package of soulful music, a signature AR Rahman romantic musical.

4. Maadhare  
Singers: Chinmayi, Madhura Dhara Talluri, Sireesha, Akshara, Vithusayni
Lyrics: Vivek

The song Maadhare is something different from the other songs we have in the track. The song is a sharp and stinging insight on how society views women, and how women are left in to live in silence. The words that have come from Lyricist Vivek has such deep meanings and the slow tempo, classical tune of the song with mild chorus tugs deep at your emotions, making you feel exactly how the makers of the song intended it.

5. Bigil Bigil Biguluma

The percussions and Shenai take over the first half of the song, and with the exception of two-line interlude in the middle, this song is completely taken over by the orchestra. The track is devoid of any other lyrical portions, but it has to be mentioned to be a noticeable beat song.

Verdict: AR Rahman's perfect mix of class and mass music amplifies Bigil's verithanam!
( 3.25 / 5.0 )

Bigil (aka) Vijay 63

Bigil (aka) Vijay 63 is a Tamil movie. Kathir, Nayanthara, Vijay, Yogi Babu are part of the cast of Bigil (aka) Vijay 63. The movie is directed by Atlee. Music is by AR Rahman. Production by AGS Entertainment, editing by Ruben.