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Release Date : Oct 31,2013
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Production: A Raghuram, AM Rathnam
Cast: Ajith Kumar, Arya, Nayanthara, Taapsee Pannu
Direction: Vishnuvardhan
Screenplay: Vishnuvardhan
Story: Subha, Vishnuvardhan
Background score: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Om Prakash
Dialogues: Vishnuvardhan
Editing: A Sreekar Prasad
Stunt choreography: Kecha Khamphakdee, Lee Whitaker
Dance choreography: Dinesh, Shobi
Singers: M.Manasi, Psycho Unit, Ramya, Ranjith, Rubba Bend, Shakthishree Gopalan, Shankar Mahadevan, Shweta Mohan, Tanvi Shah, Vijay Yesudas
Lyrics : Pa.Vijay, Psycho Unit, Rubba Bend
PRO: Suresh Chandra
Distribution: Sathya Sai Movies


Ajith garners an enviable opening every single time and with Diwali around the corner, his Arrambam has done insanely well in advance ticket bookings over the opening weekend. With the successful team of Vishnuvardhan and Ajith at the helm of its affairs, Arrambam is every Ajith fan’s dream. If you are still looking for convincing reasons to catch up on Arrambam and celebrate Diwali, we got some insiders associated with the movie to talk about it. Here’s what they have to say.

“If you ask me five reasons to watch the film, One, two and three would be Ajith, four would be Arya and the last one would be my entire cast and crew. Zero being the first of the numbers, I’d want that spot,” laughs director Vishnuvardhan. “If you want to have a blast, Arrambam is your answer. We have done everything in our power to entertain you and I have to thank my team for that. They are the best!” concludes the proud director.

One of the renowned names associated with Arrambam is the national award winning art director Ilayaraja, who cannot stop gushing about the collaborative atmosphere in Arrambam sets. “It is so amazing to see so many big stars working together in a single film. It is a very healthy sight too. Every character has been performed by a big name, no matter how big their roles are,” says Ilayaraja.

As if it even needs reassurance, Ilayaraja promises, “The film has some stunning locations. The team has shot scenes in some picturesque locales around India and around the globe.” He also goes on to say “Arrambam is a global project.”

On the technical aspects of the film, Ilayaraja has this to say: “I generally use very less colors. But in this project I have used it graciously. The songs will be highly chromatic. Om Prakash has done a brilliant job with the camera.”

Ilayaraja promises that “you’ll not feel bored during the run of the film,” also adding that “Arya and Taapsee’s characters will stand out and keep lingering in the minds.”

Om Prakash’s cinematography is renowned for setting the mood and his work in Arrambam is highly anticipated. He claims, “Vishnuvardhan is the biggest highlight of the film. He is at his best, and everyone knows his style, he is a perfectionist by nature.”

Letting in on some insider details, Prakash confesses, “We get a judgment while shooting a film. Even without the dialogues, BGM, the first out from the camera was very interesting.” About the neatly fleshed out characters of the film, he maintains that “everyone in the film has meaty characters. A super stylish Ajith, Arya and Taapsee’s romance will be heartwarming and cute. Nayan will look more stunning than she was in Billa.”

He also states, “We have shot in extreme conditions- some scenes during snowfall and some in hot and sunny conditions. These changes are the major contributors to the film’s hues.” Besides, according to Prakash, there are “No unnecessary song sequences in the film. Vishnuvardhan was particular about this. It’s natural that people get bored during song sequences. We have made sure that they don’t leave their seats during songs.”

About the car accident video that went viral on YouTube, Prakash has this to say: “that was different while shooting. The car was moving at a speed of 100 km/h.  Ajith jumped and got his leg stuck under the wheel, but he didn’t show his pain until the shot was completed. Moment after director said OK, he collapsed.”

Prakash also says that some scenes are ‘must watch’ in the movie. “There’s a boat chase, an amazing sequence, even Hollywood stunt choreographer Lee Whittaker was stunned by Ajith’s capability and commitment. It was a risky sequence, shot in a sea and waves were harsh. Ajith steered the boat beautifully. Lee offered a dupe but Ajith wouldn’t take.”

Arrambam releases this Thursday as a prelude to the ensuing Diwali celebrations.


Arrambam aka Aarambam

Arrambam aka Aarambam is a Tamil movie with production by A Raghuram, AM Rathnam, direction by Vishnuvardhan, cinematography by Om Prakash, editing by A Sreekar Prasad. The cast of Arrambam aka Aarambam includes Ajith Kumar, Arya, Nayanthara, Taapsee Pannu.