After a scorching hot summer, the rains are here and it is time to celebrate the welcome relief from the heat. And there is no better way to celebrate than to settle down with some hot tea or ice cream, depending on your preference and take a look at some of our favorite rain moments that absolutely refresh the senses. (Warning: You just may catch one hell of a cold if you do that but it is worth the risk!)
Developed by : Sindhu Vijayakumar, Kaushik, Sudharshan, Anuja, Suresh Kumar  ;  Designed by : Murugan
Rajini had a legendary rain song in Johnny “Kaatril enthan geetham” when he runs in the rain with Sridevi singing longingly.

Few people in the history of cinema can rock a fight sequence the way Rajini can. And he does not even need fancy CGI like the Hollywood hotshots, just his legendary emoting skills. And when rain also plays a part, it doubles the effect. This is evident in a lot of movies but Baasha and Thalapathy stand out.

Who can forget the intense scene in Thalapathy, where Mammootty and Rajini meet for the first time with lashing rain as the backdrop?

In Annamalai and Baasha terrible things happen to Rajini and the audience wept for him. And it was as if the skies had also decided to join the lament. In Annamalai, the house his father would have lovingly constructed is torn down and Rajini is knocked unconscious and hung up from the bulldozer and is eventually dumped on the ruins in the rain. Such a remarkable scene it was and it stays in mind even now. In Baasha, the villain gives him a severe beating and he bears it smilingly but the heavens weep for him.
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