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Race at box office is no longer fun : Vivek

The audio launch of the film Ganja Koottam was held today at the Prasad’s Studio in Chennai. The film has been written and directed by Diwakar and tells the story of five youngsters. Diwakar plays one of the five heroes of the movie. He has also handled the screenplay, dialogues, music and lyrics of the film.

Actor Vivek was the chief guest at the function. He quipped that while he was on his way for the function he was stopped by police on the road and asked about where he was going. When he replied ‘Ganja Koottam’; they were shocked, he said, to mild laughter. He said that the tendency of more and more small budget films being produced in Tamil cinema was definitely good. He added that however a critical element that must not be forgotten in such films is good humor. Good humor can elevate the market value a film manifold, he said. Commenting on the current state of film exhibition, he said that earlier films used to be released in 4 theaters and the good ones used to go on for 100 days. Nowadays it is the exact opposite with 100 theaters and just over a one week run. In all this, he said, that the fun of cinema was lost because there is no race between good films and average ones. A good race  is one where there is a fair amount of distance over which the contenders can compete. In the current scenario, the distance is cut short into something very negligible and that there was no meaningful race at all. Speaking about the film, he said that he was happy that all the heroines in the film were Tamil natives and could speak Tamil very well.

Director Kalanjiyam was also present at the event and said that this production which involved Tamil people entirely should be supported.

A song was screened at the event. The look and feel suggested that the film has been made on very limited means by an enthusiastic team of youngsters.

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