Balu Mahendra's serious advice - Event Story

Jul 14, 2013

AVM’s preview theatre was bustling with energy as a lot of young aspiring filmmakers and technicians assembled at the venue for the premiere of the short film Check Mate. Directed by Govardhan, Check Mate is a 17 minute family thriller.

Vinodhini, a faculty member in Balu Mahendra’s Film School, has also played an important role in Check Mate. She pointed out how the young director has drawn inspiration from Balu Mahendra for this film and said that it was a great experience working in it. She was also heartened by the kind of response the film was receiving.

The chief guests for the event included the legendary Balu Mahendra who was happy for the students of his film school for having put up a good show. He said that Govardhan should take the idea of scripting for a feature film very seriously.

National award winning editor Praveen KL was all praise for the team and was impressed with the technical awareness the film displayed. He said that making mystery thriller is not easy but the director had pulled it off with nice packaging.

Young director Govardhan was thankful for the heartening turnout in numbers and said that the film will make its way on Youtube very soon.



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