I would love to act in my father's direction, says Aishwarya Arjun - Event Story

Jan 03, 2013

A press meet was held today to introduce the daughter of Action King Arjun, Aishwarya Arjun. Vishal and director Bhoopathy Pandian were also present at the meet along with Arjun, the proud father.

It must be remembered that Aishwarya would be debuting through the movie Pattathu Yaanai, opposite Vishal and under Bhoopathy Pandian’s direction.

Arjun in his speech introduced his daughter as a commerce graduate from Stella Maris Chennai. She also did fashion designing in London and decided to enter films on her own freewill. She expressed an interest to do films and when both herself and Arjun liked the story that Bhoopathy Pandian narrated, they decided that it is the right time for her to enter the film industry.

Arjun was also proud when he talked about Vishal and termed him as ‘Enga Hero’. Vishal had worked as an assistant with Arjun on movies like Vedham and Ezhumalai. Arjun was instrumental in turning Vishal into a hero as he felt that Vishal had the capabilities to become a good hero. Arjun expressed pride at Vishal’s growth as a hero in the Tamil industry.

Vishal said that he considered Arjun and Aishwarya as part of his own family and expressed his gratitude to the Action King on being the first person to give him a salary. Vishal used that money to later gift a nice dress to his mother. He expressed his delight at Aishwarya entering the film industry.

Aishwarya vowed to keep up her father’s good name in the industry since many decades. She felt happy about debuting opposite a big hero in a big banner’s movie and under a big director’s supervision. She also clearly spelt out her name as Aishwarya Arjun and didn’t mind the number of other Aishwaryas in the industry.

When asked about her wish list of directors under whom she would love to act, she said her father’s name after much thought. She signed off by appealing for support and for a good welcome.



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