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Support for Trisha from celebrities

Trisha was forced to stop her Garjanai shoot in Karaikudi and return home midway. This was because of the protests against her as she is the brand ambassador for PETA who are against jallikattu. For the poor actress, it was just not the protests at the shooting spot, but she was drenched in sick hate messages in her timeline that were outright condemnable.


Many celebrities took to Twitter to express their solidarity with her and criticized the trollers. We present some of them below.


Kamal Haasan
Pls stop hurting MsTrisha.அவர்க்கும் நமக்குமுள வேற்றுமை ஊரறியட்டும் கன்னியும் வாழ நம் காளையும் வாழ வழி செய்வோம். தர்க்கம் தொடர்க நேசத்துடன்.

My support is always for decency. Let individuals be . Dont weaken our case by slandering. Leave small people alone fight decesion makers.

Arvind Swami
You may choose to disagree, but be respectful when u express that difference of opinion. What happpened to @trishtrashers is not OK.
Please do not abuse or bully people for having or expressing an opinion. That is the cornerstone of our democracy and you are here by choice

Radhika Sarathkumar
Each person is entitled to their beliefs, but disrespecting ¬ knowing to hav a dialogue shows ignorance &cowardice. Tc @trishtrashers


There are lot of ways to protest. But protest peacefully. Don't abuse people verbally or physically. That's all my point.

Geethanjali Selvaraghavan
To protect our cultural heritage we r trampling on the corner stones of our humanity. A true tamil veeran would not besmirch a ladys honor.

Vidyulekha Raman
We must support our Tamil culture! I support my tamil culture! But we cannot go abusing women and threatening them. Protest peacefully. Pls


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Support for Trisha from celebrities

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