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Zara Barring to get married to Saurabh Pandey

Actress Zara Barring who made her acting debut in 2011 with the Tamil film Mayakkam Enna is getting hitched today. In September 2015, she was roped in to play the role of Shazia in a historical TV show Razia Sultan. It must be noted that Zara Barring has also written and produced a short film, The Essence of Mumbai.

Zara is getting married to notable television actor Saurabh Pandey today, November 28. The couple worked together in the TV series, Razia Sultan

"I feel very blessed to be getting married to the man I love. It's definitely a wonderful feeling. I feel ours has been a relationship that has been through its fair share of ups and downs," Zara said in a statement.

Zara Barring to get married to Saurabh Pandey

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