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Walt Disney sued for the theft of Zootopia’s idea and story from screenwriter Goldman

Walt Disney,  who produced the Academy award winning animation picture Zootopia, has been reportedly slammed for the theft of the ideas and story of this movie from ‘Total Recall’ screenwriter Gary Goldman.


Gary Goldman an established screenwriter filed a lawsuit in court this week against The Walt Disney company alleging their 2016 Zootopia was based on his own idea also titled Zootopia.

Goldman claims to have pitched his idea to David Hoberman, a producer of Disney studios. Apparently, Hoberman passed on the project. Goldman is said to have started working on his idea since 2000. In 2009, he was working with Disney executive Brigham Taylor.

By 2009, Goldman is said to have developed his idea even more and had a concrete vision for Zootopia. According to Goldman, shortly after his working with Brigham, Disney put into work their own version of Zootopia and did not even compensate for Goldman’s work.

The characters in both the versions are said to be very similar and the ideas that both versions of Zootopia preach are also said to be on the same lines. Disney’s Zootopia went on to become a huge success and also won critical acclaim.