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VJ Ramya's iPhone hacked

Recently, Trisha and Hansika’s phones were hacked and the latest celeb to join this list is VJ Ramya.

She narrates the harrowing experience, “Last week I was in Dubai for a professional commitment. I had taken a picture and had posted in my Instagram account along with the location, went back to my hotel room, put my iPhone on charge and slept. The next morning, I saw that my data was all wiped and gone. I did not realize it was hacked then. I thought perhaps it was an automatic update mode.  It asked me for my one time pass code and such things. Since I had a change of sim and was using a local sim there, I thought I will come back home and rectify.


But I wanted to at least pick calls and so went to a local mobile shop and they opened the phone for me. It was fine then. I downloaded Whatsapp and was using the same. I was taking calls but did not know  whose call I was taking till I spoke, as my contact list was wiped off. At least I was able to receive calls.

The same evening, during dinner, I saw in my phone that someone was trying to access my icloud account from an unknown destination in the USA. The option was 'allow' or 'deny' and I denied. Twice I denied and the third time, the phone got completely switched off. When I switched it on, everything was wiped off again.  I could not even log in and when I tried it was some other name, a Mohammed and a totally different ID and I knew my phone was hacked. I could not do anything and called the Apple toll free number and they asked me to change my password which I did. It was that.


Last morning I got back, went to Apple Stores and they restored the factory settings and synced with my laptop and I am trying to retrieve my contacts now.


It is scary as you have all the bank information, password everything in iPhone as we keep that as a diary. I had to immediately freeze all my bank accounts, it was a huge process and being away from Chennai  made it all the more complicated and it was a nightmarish experience for me.


I have lodged a cyber crime complaint. I was having a chat with Trisha and she was also saying the same thing and Hansika also had the same problem.

Looks like they are tracking celebrities and hacking their phones. I guess it is easy to access celebs numbers as they know the basic information about them to answer security questions.  They take advantage of the situation. It was terrible for me”.

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VJ Ramya's iPhone hacked

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