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Vishal and TFPC's seven new rules to curb piracy

Piracy has been a big threat to the Tamil film industry and the TFPC (Producers Council), lead by Vishal, is working with an anti-piracy team to bring down the percentage of piracy with the help of latest cyber technologies.

Meanwhile, an important meeting happened yesterday (October 23), between TFPC and Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners Association to discuss on the ways to restrict piracy. At the end of the meeting, both the associations have come out with an official statement, that states their seven new and strict rules to curb piracy.

The seven rules are as follows:

1. All the theatres in Tamil Nadu should place CCTV cameras on all the locations, both inside, and outside the screens, including the bike and car parking spots. The CCTV cameras should be installed on or before November 6 (coming Diwali).

2. The installed CCTV cameras should function 24*7 without any break and should record every single second's happening.

3. Theatres or multiplexes which do not install CCTV cameras before November 15, will not be signed for screening newly released films. No new films would release if they fail to install CCTV cameras.

4. Two people from the theatre management's side should monitor every single show that runs in their theatre, to check if anyone records any part of the movie.

5. Before the start of every movie, an awareness documentary video about piracy and its side effects should be screened, to make people aware of the severe consequences that they could face if they shoot a film inside the theatre.

6. The security guards should compulsorily check if the patrons possess a camera while entering the auditorium (screen).

7. TFPC and Theatre Exhibitors Association will work together and form a new committee to curb piracy. The newly formed committee will work hard in bringing down the piracy.