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Vishal's TV show debut recap

Actor Vishal, who is awaiting the release of his upcoming film Sandakozhi 2, recently made his debut on the small screen. He is hosting a show titled Sun Naam Oruvar. The first episode of the show saw a very heartwarming incident happen. 

The show saw Karthi accompany him. An 18-year old boy, Felix was the main subject of the episode. He is a person who has lost both his hands due to an electric shock. He needed 5 lakhs in order to get his hand amputed. 

The episode saw Karthi cook Dosas to raise around 1 Lakh, and also donated 50,000 rupees from his own pockets. Vishal raised around 2 Lakh by asking friends in the flm industry, while Sun TV also donated 2 Lakh. 

In total, more than 6 Lakh was raised, and this money will be used to help him get prosthetic hands, and also setup a small scale eatery.