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Vijay fans provide free drinking water to public

Some fan groups are certainly turning out to be useful. Here is one such Vijay fans group from Kerala who has been doing some valuable social welfare activities. They were trending on Twitter today for providing free drinking water for the needy. We got in touch with them and this is what they had to say.

“Our association was started 5 years back and now we have a team of 77 people. Each one of us contributes 100 rupees per month. And with the funds that we collect, we generally do welfare activities on a regular basis. During Vijay sir's birthday, we provide notebooks to school kids, food, and dresses to the needy. Now drinking water which is an essential commodity has become an expensive affair to the common man. That is why we are providing free drinking water for people, from our fans association fund.

When we decided to form an association to do welfare activities, the only name which came across was Vijay, as most of them here were Vijay Fans and that unity brought us together. During the release of Vijay’s films, we buy tickets and sell them for a profit of 20 rupees and we use those funds again for some welfare activities. Ours is a very small village and only Vijay sir's films get full for even early morning shows. Maybe also for Mohanlal's films, but other stars never had a houseful early morning shows. Today, everything needs publicity. With publicity, our association is getting better reach which is encouraging our work. We have not spoken or met Vijay. It is not possible for him to meet all his fans. But we wish to see him at least from a long distance one day. That is enough, ”
signs off Suveesh, President of Vijay fan association, Kondotty, Mallapuram district.

Vijay fans provide free drinking water to public

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