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Vignesh Shivn on the Censor Board Certification

The Censor certificate for a film, especially in Tamil Nadu is very important as a U certified film will give the producer a 30% entertainment tax rebate and also the family audience. Many films, mainly vie for this.


There have also been complaints against the Censor board that although certain films deserve the A certificate, it gets away with U. There is quite a lot of debate going on in this issue. 


Director Vignesh Shivn expressed his feelings on the Censor certificate through a tweet that said, “#Dora - A certificate #Managaram -U/A #D16 -U/A But,Certain films wer giftd wit U-recently Lovin our Censor Board more&more, day by day”.


It has to be observed that Nayanthara starrer Dora recently got A certificate and the team is not having the time to appeal to the revising committee as it is slated for next week’s release. (31st March).


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Vignesh Shivn on the Censor Board Certification

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