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Velu Prabhakaran and Shirley Das address the media after their marriage

We had reported earlier today, that director Velu Prabhakaran who awaits the release of his Oru Iyakkunarin Kadhal Diary, tied the knot today (June 3rd, 2017), with actress Shirley Das who was part of his own film Kadhal Kathai(2009). In an interaction with the press, Velu Prabhakaran said:

For our country’s situation, nobody will usually marry someone of my age as we are not a forward thinking nation yet. So a lot of questions might be asked to me for getting married at this age. But someone like Donald Trump himself married at the age of 74 and his wife is so youthful. Let go of the age, every human requires a support system or a companion. And I am lucky that I got someone like Shirley who is the best companion. She is the ultimate and she has understood me completely. I take it as nature’s gift to have got a companion like Shirley at this age.

When he was asked, why he needed a companion only at this age, Velu said:

No I have been with a companion but I am a divorcee only now. So this would fill my void and the loneliness will be banished. Both of us had the same intention at the same time. I knew she liked me but when she said she is ready to marry me, I was very glad.

Shirley Das was asked by the media as to what made her take this call and tie the knot. She immediately said, “It is because Velu is an honest and genuine man. I could find some truth in him so I understood him and we decided to get married.

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Velu Prabhakaran and Shirley Das address the media after their marriage

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