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Trisha’s emotional post on Twitter

Actress Trisha, who is currently working on her film 96 with actor Vijay Sethupathi, suddenly took to her Twitter space to share an emotional post. It had her talk about how we glorify certain people and what follows with time. The crux of it was about the irony of life, new beginnings and the best part of it being the liberation and a beautiful feeling that has to be embraced.

The following was Trisha’s post through her Twitter account:

#TRUTH #newbeginningsarethebest

The same people you once put on a pedestal and supposedly felt a deep emotion called "love" for, are the same ones you would gladly kick off that pedestal and not feel any ounce of emotion anymore Ironic !?! Or life !?! 
Nevertheless,absolutely liberating and beautiful , #lifeisgood #mondaymusings.


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Trisha’s emotional post on Twitter

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