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Thanu's reply to Thirupur Subramaniam's whatsapp message

When we talked to popular distributor Tirupur Subramaniam, he had made a few allegations on producer Thanu questioning him for bogus promotional strategies. To know his accusation in detail, please click here - Exclusive interview with Tirupur Subramaniam

As a media company, our duty is to talk to both the parties and record what they say without taking a stance. In one such an attempt, we inquired about this issue with producer Thanu and this is what the ‘Kabali’ producer had to say.

“I have talked enough about the success of Kabali and if you have any doubt, I will give you distributors and theatre owner details, you can clarify with them and find out the real truth. I feel you should first ask Tirupur Subramaniam to clarify few charges made against him. Being a distributor and exhibitor himself, there are so many allegations against him. We are told that he brainwashes all theatre owners, keeps them in his control and corners a producer by giving him only 40 to 50% share from the profits and takes the rest. He also takes share from food stalls, ticket booking charges, QUBE advertisement cost from all the theatre owners for films that he is distributing. Ask him to say if this is true or not. If he denies, you can check with QUBE and understand that Tirupur Subramaniam is not saying the truth. Why should he be so greedy and take all the profits?

Secondly, for Kabali, no one from areas like Trichy, Chengalpattu, Madurai and Tirunelveli have raised any concern and only Tirupur Subramaniam has a problem with Kabali. Why? He is angry that I did not give him the Coimbatore release rights and that is why he is making such false claims against me. He was the first one who approached for Kabali’s Coimbatore rights. He asked for just 5 crores. But I had another buyer who asked for 10 crores, so I sold it to him. Even then, he was insisting theatre owners not to buy Kabali saying it was pricey. I have audio voicemail proof of his cheap activities. Ask him if he is purposely creating a ruckus just because he could not buy the Kabali’s rights”.

We also got in touch with Mani Impala theatre owner Mani Varma from Madurai, to know what he thinks about Subramaniam’s statement regarding Kabali. Mani Impala is the theatre in which Kabali is still running for over 215 days.

“I heard about Tirupur Subramaniam ayya’s Whatsap message. I am a little upset with his comments and don’t know what to say.  Sir had told that we are making false promotions for Kabali by advertising the film’s 50 days, 100 days and 200 days posters. I am sorry to say this sir, even today, 217th day morning show of Kabali has sold 47 tickets and it continues to do a steady business in my theatre. His Whatsap message (Tiruppur Subramaniam) appears to defame Thanu sir and Rajini sir. Like him, I am also a distributor and a film exhibitor; profit and loss in this business are a part of the game. But when someone targets a particular person and shares a negative statement on them in a public group, it is not right. So I am sharing my personal agony here. Please bear with me if am offending anyone through this statement.”

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Thanu's reply to Thirupur Subramaniam's whatsapp message

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