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Suriya's 24 trailer review is here

24 trailer starts pretty much like how the teaser of the film did and then it gradually gets a little more intense and more elaborate than the earlier released video extracts.

Every frame of the trailer looks to be shrewdly put together. Unlike the teaser, here we get to see a combination of romance, comedy, sentiment and more action. The love portions between Suriya and Samantha are so refreshing. You will also get to know about a new love term Imagino Romanso Philia. Note this term as it could become your pick up line in the future.

One feels the makers did not want to reveal too much of Nithya Menen in the trailer. She appears briefly for a couple of scenes. Unlike Samantha’s portion, Nithya looks to play a more serious and intense role in the film. Nevertheless, both Samantha and Nithya look stunning and it is needless to say about Suriya’s looks. He looks as smart as ever.

Suriya plays a triple role but he comes in many different avatars in the trailer. You could see a lover boy Suriya in the form of Mani (hero), one of the most terrorizing baddies in the form of Athreya (villain) and you could see an older version of Suriya, an innocent looking scientist.

Like mentioned earlier in the teaser review of 24, the film looks to be about a time machine watch which is named 24. Though it is completely an alien concept to Tamil cinema, the director looks to have infused some perfect commercial elements to suit the local audience.

Coming to AR Rahman’s re-recording, his music compliments the grand visuals to the dot. The sound is more wild and grand than the teaser music. The visuals look stunning and the major credit for that has to go to the cinematographer of 24, Tirru. Each and every frame speaks for itself. Likewise the CG elements are top notch and so is the set work. It is said that 80% of the film has been shot in the sets.

On the whole, 24 trailer, is a cleverly made conglomeration of some of the best visuals derived from some technicians in every department that teases you to watch the trailer over and over again.

Stay tuned folks! The trailer will be officially out by 6 pm today

Avinash Pandian

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Suriya's 24 trailer review is here

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