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Srushti Dange talks about Mupparimanam

Srushti Dange, the dimpled beauty will soon be seen in Adhiroopan directorial Mupparimanam as the female lead. The actress talks in detail about the film, the director and her experience working in it. 


How did Mupparimanam happen?
The director wanted a cute faced girl. He narrated the story and I liked it. My role will be as equally important as that of hero Shanthanu’s and in some places, it will even dominate his character.


What is Mupparimanam about?
The film is a love thriller. It is not a usual love story. Every teenager and also people till the age of 35, can relate to this. There are so many who have told us that such things happened to them and have mentioned that they have said similar things in their real life.


Three different ages
You will see me in three different ages-15, 18 and 24 years. No one will expect Srushti to play such a role. It is going to be very different. The second half is heavier; I had to be more mature and undergo a lot of pain. Adhiroopan sir literally made me go through the pain. He used to call me only ‘Anu’ (My character name) throughout the shoot.


Director Adhiroopan
He was single-minded in his pursuit. The film was more challenging in terms of coping with him. Initially, I did not understand the expectations of Adhiroopan sir. All that I knew was he was from Bala sir school of direction.

I knew the script was heavy. I am someone who takes things lightly but work wise I am very sincere. But the director thought I am not serious and we had a war of words initially.

When we give our 150%, Adhiroopan pushed you to the edge to give 2000%. I got drained. After a couple of weeks, I told Shanthanu that I was giving up this film as I am not doing any good to it. He advised me against it. Later I could not take it anymore and discussed with Adhiroopan sir that I found it difficult to continue. He told me to just see the rushes and decide. When I saw them, they were grand and that’s when I understood him and his ways of work.


Surreal chemistry
Shanthanu and I have put in so much of hard work for this film. I have no complaints as all these struggles had been paid off when people who saw the film appreciated us and said that our chemistry was surreal.


Wish you the best Srushti!


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar



Srushti Dange talks about Mupparimanam

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