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Spoilers to spoil Baahubali 2 movie watching experience

Apart from piracy, a new menacing problem has raised for filmmakers, especially the ones who are making big budget movies, which are the online leaks prior to the actual release. Films like Attarintiki Daredi (Telugu), Udta Punjab (Hindi) and Mapla Singam (Tamil) have been victims of this issue. These films were leaked even before its theatrical run. Trailers of big films have been leaked online on numerous occasions in the past like Vijay’s Puli.

Photos of a few scenes from Baahubali 2 were leaked online recently which have been spreading virally all over the internet. Meanwhile, the first show of Baahubali will be played tomorrow night, which means the answer to why Kattappa killed Baahubali will be finally known. With the advent of social media, information gets spread in lightning time.

So the risk of our knowing the answer to the much-awaited riddle without even watching the movie is high. Though Baahubali 2 would obviously have a lot more than just Kattappa - Baahubali killing episode, it is still a mystery that you would want to experience it for yourself on screen and not knowing it through social media. So we kindly request you all to not reveal the story or take photos of Baahubali 2 and post it on social media. Let’s try not to be a spoilsport. Baahubali 2 could end being our Nations pride if not already, so let us encourage it as it could make way for many more Baahubalis in the future.

Say no to piracy and spoilers!

Spoilers to spoil Baahubali 2 movie watching experience

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