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Snehan's teary confession moved Kamal in Bigg Boss

One of the big highlights of this week's episode was, Snehan's teary confession to the host Kamal in Bigg Boss. Snehan who was one of the very few strong supporters of Oviya broke down during his confession session, which even made Kamal's eyes wet. This weekend show must have been watched by many, as even the promos carried their conversation which should have attracted many to look out for the special Sunday episode, where the elimination was also expected.


The episode started with Snehan confessing that almost all the female participants were against Oviya and she got less support from them. Aarav could have handled the whole Oviya episode with a more matured approach, rather than disappointing her by completely avoiding and stop talking to her. He said she is one of the most honest humans that he met and it hurt him more when she left the house for no mistake of hers. The very realistic interaction of Snehan moved the host Kamal Haasan, and he too was seen in tears.


An emotional scene that must have challenged a few section of the audiences, who must be having doubts over the whole show is scripted or not. Julie was the member who got eliminated this week.


Snehan's teary confession moved Kamal in Bigg Boss

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