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Simbu's emotional letter ahead of AYM release

Achcham Yendbahdu Madamaiyada directed by Gautham Menon starring Simbu and Manjima Mohan hit the screens today (11th November) and Simbu has expressed his feelings via a letter in his official Twitter handle yesterday (10th Nov.), which we reproduce below:


“From my heart to you - #STR .. @arrahman @menongautham @mohan_manjima #AYMcrew #BelovedFans


Why a letter now from me? That's because I really wanted to express what I was feeling and experiencing, and write to you before the release of #AYM.. First of all I am very happy as to how the industry has been responding to AYM. I feel that in itself its first success.

Secondly, AYM will debunk the overused phrase that it is always and only Simbu films that aren't released on time and that even this film won't release. Yet this film is releasing tomorrow. I am very happy to be associated in this film with the super hit combo of #VTV and it was a big challenge to be able to create the same magic again.

It's not easy to do that but I think that this combo of GVM - ARR - STR has worked and done their job of recreating the same magic by investing their heart and soul with the help of the whole crew. So not only would we be creating magic in this case we not only attempted to recreate this magic, but we have gone beyond and given our all in the pursuit of good cinema. I would love to thank Gautham for trusting me and giving me the kind of freedom that very few give, and the legend A R Rahman for his wonderful songs and background score. Both of them definitely give their best for every film but I would like to believe that they do take an extra effort when it comes to me because I feel loved a little extra. If you don't agree watch the film and maybe you will feel what I do. I am not a great actor but I try to deliver what my director wants and Gautham knows the secret of how to push me to my limits and get the best out of me.

In spite of the issues I was surrounded with, Rahman stood up for me and didn't even talk to me about it or give his opinion on the issue. The various accusations laid upon me for matters beyond my control and controversies that arose due to these events, but he delivered something which made the issue disappear ... He has known me from my childhood and i have troubled him a lot wheni was a kid but he has always been kind to me and given me a lot of love.. 1 still remember him playing his first song from #Roja for me in his omni van when i was a kid and he even asked for my opinion, This humility is why I think he is what he is today ... I have learned a lot from him not only as a composer but also as a human being .. Thank u sir".

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Simbu's emotional letter ahead of AYM release

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