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Simbu speaks at the press meet post the Jallikattu issue

Post the Jallikattu issue and noticing the violent events that took place on the last day, Silambarasan held a press meet at his residence today (29th Jan). This is what the actor had to say about the issue:


The victory attained by the students who protested for the Jallikattu issue is something remarkable and it has to be celebrated. All those protesters who were arrested on the last day at Marina must be released. My residence is in T.Nagar and the police can arrest me instead if they want and release them. They were just silently protesting whilst the police attacked them. Did anyone take action against the policemen who attacked the innocent people? There is clearly no need for a 144 rule at the Marina beach as the students have understood that the government cooperated with them and their demands have been fulfilled.


In a protest, people from all parties and politics will be present and we cannot stop anyone from giving their voice. I agree that a few people have been protesting for the Jallikattu issue since a few years ago and our voices were just to support them to get our victory. However, post the anti-national activities that took place at Marina, these long term supporters of Jallikattu took their hands off the issue and said that it is not related to them. That was when people got confused. The youngsters did not start protesting because somebody asked them to and it was completely their decision to support our Tamil culture.


Simbu added that he is totally disinterested in politics and that he will continue voicing his opinion and support the people on such social issues without being part of politics. He finished his press meet with these words:


Jallikattu must happen every year and we must foster our rich Tamil culture. If there is any problem and if there is another ban or if things don’t go smooth for Jallikattu, i will definitely protest again along with the people.”

Simbu speaks at the press meet post the Jallikattu issue

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