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Simbu appreciates Behindwoods Maatheyosi program

In June 2016, during the promotion of Pandiraj’s Idhu Namma Aalu, there was a misunderstanding between Simbu and Behindwoods team. We had also reported a news article on the same.


On 27th March, Simbu had called our VJ Maathevan and stated that he wanted to discuss two things.
Firstly, he appreciated the episode of Maatheyosi with his dad T Rajendar. He added, “It’s not because of my dad’s interview that I watched the episode, I have also seen your interviews of Vijay Sethupathi, Taapsee and others.” He not just mentioned about interviews, but also reviews and gave honest suggestions to improve it. We need to definitely thank Simbu for this, as honest feedbacks are very essential to improve oneself.


Secondly, about the news article in Behindwoods during Idhu Namma Aalu times, Simbu mentioned that it was never intentional on his part to avoid any media or behave partial to anybody. “I was not aware that your interview was fixed on that day. If I had known that you were waiting for me, I would have addressed the issue then and there. This apparently has hurt someone in Behindwoods. So, please inform them that I would have taken care of it had I known then”, Simbu added.


He also talked more after this. People might wonder why we are saying this and when our VJ asked him if this could be carried as a news story, Simbu felt it was not needed and asked the information to be conveyed to the team. But we would like to state that we had reported an incident when we were not able to reach him. However, now when he has reached us and clarified this, it is only ethical for us to record this too and we have done that now. We at Behindwoods inform this to clear the air of confusion among Simbu’s fans, to the Tamil film industry and our readers.


We take this opportunity to thank Simbu who has come forward to personally clarify the issue. Simbu's gesture to reach out to media and appreciate their work personally is a welcome change.


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Simbu appreciates Behindwoods Maatheyosi program

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