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Producer T Siva talks about Ajith's promotional strategy

In an exclusive interview with Behindwoods, producer T Siva of Amma Creations talked about actors not willing to take part in promotional events held by the producers.

“It is a difficult affair to conduct a promotional program and to make an artist attend the event. 'If that artist does not attend, why should I,' we get only comments like that when we ask an actor to take part in an event. That disease is spreading in Kollywood now.”

Can’t we make an agreement with the actors to cooperate for promotional events? “They agree to a film only after signing an agreement that they will not attend promotional events. Producers have no other go to accept whatever they say as all they want is their call sheet. At least you should reach that spot to deny attending promotional events. Take Ajith for example; he gets an opening that no one else could get, that is mainly because you can never see him anywhere else except on screen. No one can see him including us. His shooting, his spot and his house; that is how his routine goes. In that way, he makes himself the actor in demand and that reflects in the humongous opening his film garners. I can accept if Ajith says no to promotions, but I feel bad when a recently established actor or sometimes even one film old stars are rejecting to attend promotional events. How will you grow then? You are following Ajith’s way but how will you reach his height?”

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Producer T Siva talks about Ajith's promotional strategy

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