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Karunakaran talks about his experience with Thala Ajith

Thousands of fans and members of the film fraternity were wide awake last night waiting for the clock to strike 12:01. It was the release of yet another image from the Vivegam camp. 

A bright image, completely white, a fair toned Ajith, clad in a white suit and goggles, lying prone on snow taking a steady aim through the scope of a sniper rifle. The image, as promised by director Siva was released at 12:01 am and satisfied all Ajith fans. 

This morning, comedian Karunakaran who has played a role in Vivegam has taken to Twitter to shower his share of praise for Ajith, and he said, ''Thala is a person who is Kind and Humble for no reason I can write essays, but in short this delivers what I feel''. Most of Ajith's co-stars are known to praise the actor who possesses great humility majorly and Karunakaran has joined that long list.

**The Tweet is not spell-checked

Karunakaran talks about his experience with Thala Ajith

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