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Shruti Haasan to collaborate with Brit Alt Rock band Dinosaur Pile-Up

Shruti Haasan is all set for an international music collaboration to sing and co-write tracks with the Brit Alt Rock band Dinosaur Pile-Up for an album


An inside source states, "Shruti has made a couple of visits to London and has been meeting and jamming with the English Alt Rock band Dinosaur Pile-Up with the band members - lead singer and guitarist Matt Bigland, drummer Mike Sheils and bassist Jim Cratchley. When she spent time with them, she enjoyed the vibe of their music and felt it was in line with her own musical inclination. More importantly, being someone who's always written her own songs right from when she had her former band - Shruti and the Extramentals, she has also co-written the lyrics for tracks that she's working on with Dinosaur Pile-Up. Music has been a very deeply rooted facet of her being and unlike most singers, who are just singers, she's a complete musician - someone who writes, composes and sings her own songs.


Shruti is very busy with her acting commitments. But despite all those commitments, she has ensured she makes time for her music whilst honoring all her existing commitments".


We wish you the best Shruti with your new endeavour!

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Shruti Haasan to collaborate with Brit Alt Rock band Dinosaur Pile-Up

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