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Shruti Haasan teams up with Ehsaan and Loy for Women's Day song

Shruti Haasan is all set to give her musical spirit a very special outlet this year. She's getting ready to release a very special single in collaboration with music directors Ehsaan and Loy on the occasion of Women's Day this year. The song is dedicated to a woman's power to dream and her never say die attitude to achieve it. In addition to writing the lyrics herself, Shruti has also worked with Ehsaan and Loy on composing the music for the track. The idea is to release the audio track first on March 8 and then release the video after a couple of months.

Says a source close to Shruti’s camp, “Shruti's had a tremendously busy and fulfilling last year with her films doing so well in Bollywood and the South. With the crazy film schedules, she's not had the time to work on her first love, her music. This year, she's committed to set aside time for her music, beginning with this special women's day song titled My Day in The Sun. She's always believed in causes dedicated to the empowerment of women and in ensuring that there is a consistent endeavour to inspire them to dream big - be it through her music or films”.

Talking about her special W Day track and her collaboration with Ehsaan and Loy, Shruti says, "I’m very excited about this collaboration with Ehsaan and Loy as I've grown up listening to them and to finally collaborate with them was wonderful. While writing this song, my main focus was giving a voice to all women. It’s about our time, as women, to shine, to be strong and to epitomize  the kind of woman we each want to be for each one's journey is different and each battle is different. I was really glad to be able to write and sing this song. Musically, it really goes back to the roots of what I've always loved - very rock n roll and something you can sing from the heart”.

Speaking about their association with Shruti and this song, Ehsaan and Loy say, "Shruti is a fantastic songwriter. Collaborating on the song has been a creatively fulfilling experience. We've come up with a song which is very contemporary and hard-hitting, both musically and lyrically."

Shruti Haasan continues to reiterate that she is a multi-talented personality after all! Way to go girl!


Shruti Haasan teams up with Ehsaan and Loy for Women's Day song

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