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Should the theatre ticket price be increased or not?

Tamil Nadu Film Exhibitors Association has requested the Government to increase the ticket price by 150 to 200% and decision regarding this still lies with the Government of Tamil Nadu. Now the hot debatable topic at the moment is if cinema price in Tamil Nadu needs to be increased or not?

A common movie buff would obviously be apprehensive with a hike but let’s bring some perspective of a theatre owner to the floor. For that, we got in touch with Vettri cinemas Managing Director Rakesh Gowtham and this is what he had to say:

This is not working:

“The current 120 Rs trend is definitely not working  for us. Most theatre owners depend on F&B (food and beverages). F&B was once considered as a low-key affair according to theatre owners and now it has become the major money generating source.”

Suggested rates:

“I would suggest the movie tickets are priced around 150 to 200. A minimum of 100 and maximum of 200.”

Risk of losing walk-ins:

“We wouldn’t want to price the tickets like our neighboring states at Rs 400 or 500. We know that there is a risk of losing walk-ins to that extent. But 200 looks like a win-win price.”

No fixed rates please!

“Fixed rate system doesn’t work. We need flexible rate based on demand. If there is a big film like Kabali, we would want to price it at Rs 200, whereas a film like Inferno can be priced at Rs 100.

Similarly, we would want to have different ticket rates for weekends and weekdays. I don’t mind slashing the price of the ticket to even 70 Rs on Wednesday since it’s my weakest footfall day.”

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Should the theatre ticket price be increased or not?

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