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Shankar's apology for 2 point 0 shoot scuffle between Hindu Journalist and 2 point 0 crew.

There was a scuffle at the shooting spot of Shankar’s 2.0 yesterday (22nd March) in Chennai, which involved two journalists and a few members of the crew. This had led to a police complaint against the crew.

Reacting to the incident very quickly, Shankar met the press at the Press Club office in Chennai and apologized to the press immediately. He expressed his regret over the issue and also ensured that such events would not happen in the future with his team. This move from Shankar was well received by the journalists and the problem was quickly averted from snowballing into a huge controversy. Both the journalists and 2.0 crew need to be appreciated for amicably solving this issue.

This calls for a special appreciation and we tip our hats to director Shankar.  In his career spanning more than two decades, such untoward incident had never happened and Shankar has always been appreciative and respectful of the media. He is making one of the biggest movies in Indian history and it is to his credit that the ace director quickly responded to the situation and never let ego or foul play hamper the rapport that he has with the media.


When such a huge project is undertaken, there will be problems. But it takes guts to apologize unconditionally and resolve the problem quickly. This speaks of true leadership quality, focus only on completing the project without getting distracted and maturity that comes with immense experience and learning. Kudos director Shankar!

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Shankar's apology for 2 point 0 shoot scuffle between Hindu Journalist and 2 point 0 crew.

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