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Shah Rukh Khan says he would cry if his movies fail

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, one of India's most popular actors recently attended San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF) where the actor had a discussion with famous American director Brett Ratner. The director asked how Shah Rukh would celebrate the success of his films and he replied by saying he would carry the momentum and look forward to continuing the success streak.

Brett threw his second question to SRK, asked how does Shah Rukh Khan take failure of a movie? Shah Rukh gave little thought to it and replied that he would go to the washroom, lock and cry hard. He also said there is nothing wrong in crying for failure as he feels both success and failure lasts only for a short period.

This statement of SRK got as many applauses from the audiences for his honesty. Shah Rukh Khan is currently busy with his film 'When Harry met Sejal'. The movie's first look and short teasers are already a hit among the fans, and the film is expected to hit screens on August 4.

Shah Rukh Khan says he would cry if his movies fail

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