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Shah Rukh Khan rarely watches his films

Shah Rukh Khan, one of India's biggest superstars, made a shocking statement in one of the popular TV channels recently. Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma who were present at the interview show faced rapid fire round, and SRK was asked if he had skipped watching any of his films. Shah Rukh Khan's reply stunned everyone.

Shah Rukh Khan said that he had skipped watching many films such as Dilwale, Swades, Mohabbatein and many more super hit films. The reason behind not watching his films was not because of time constraints, but Shah Rukh Khan said he had loved his work while doing all these films and doesn't want to see the final output of the film which may take away other memories associated with each of these films. He also added that he very rarely watches his work on-screen as he feels one should not be looking at their work again and again and get carried away.

This is rare, isn't it? Shah Rukh Khan not watching his films! But does his justification convince you all? Well, for us we only hope Shah Rukh Khan keeps entertaining us with more such beautiful films.

Shah Rukh Khan rarely watches his films

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