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Seenu Ramasamy's Idam Porul Eval might release soon

Director Seenu Ramasamy had completed Idam Porul Eval a long time ago but the film was not able to hit the screens for various reasons. Subsequently he made Dharmadurai which got good name and fame.


Now it looks like the film will be seeing the light of the day. The director took to his microblogger to announce this. His tweet reads, “இடம்.பொருள் ஏவல் ரிலீஸ்க்கு தயாராகி வருகிறது.இந்த ஆடிக்காற்றில் தலையசைக்கும் தென்னங்கீற்றாக மனம். தெய்வத்தின் கருணை மனிதர்களின் கரங்களின் மூலமாக நடக்கிறது.முயற்சிக்கும் திரு,லிங்குசாமி திரு.போஸ் சகோதர்களுக்கும் ஆதரவு தருவோர்க்கும் நன்றி”.


Roughly translated as, “Idam Porul Eval is gearing up for a release.  I feel happy. God’s grace is being carried out by humans. My thanks are due to Lingusamy, Bose brothers and supporters who are trying for this”.


Idam Porul Eval features Vijay Sethuathi, Aishwarya Rajesh, Vishnu Vishal, Nandita Swetha and others.


*Seenu Ramasamy's tweet reproduced as such, not spell-checked

Seenu Ramasamy's Idam Porul Eval might release soon

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