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Samantha shares her opinion on Baahubali 2

While the whole film fraternity is talking about the Rajamouli directorial Baahubali 2, Samantha has also taken this as an opportunity to register her feedback about the film.

She posted a note on her official Twitter handle and added that she had taken lessons from the film. Her statement is as follows:

"Baahubali 2 - I sat in my seat knowing exactly what I was about to witness. The title of India's biggest film was already in the bag. With my pen and paper, I sat to take notes on 'some lessons for life.' The school e.e Rajamouli says,

1. I listen: No person's point of view is too small. Every small unanswered question and request from the first part magnificently answered in the second.

2. I share: When I watch this team both onscreen and offscreen, I feel like they will all take a bullet for each other. They did it together. The pain, the effort, the determination, the good days, bad days. They are the greatest example of togetherness.

3. I succeed: Because failure is not an option and I don't know how to fail.

Thank you team Baahubali, and as for the film, 'Holy Mother of God, that just brought a whole new meaning to the word EPIC.'"


*Samantha's social media post is not spell-checked

Samantha shares her opinion on Baahubali 2

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