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Samantha responds to people giving opinions on her married life

Samantha, after delivering a success with her solo heroine subject U-Turn, is now enjoying a holiday with hubby Naga Chaitanya at Ibiza. 

Meanwhile, she had taken to her Instagram page to post a few pictures from her super-fun holiday. One particular picture had her wearing a beach dress and it drew quite a few comments of moral policing.

Many fans and followers made comments that she shouldn't dress in that particular manner being a married woman, especially into the Akkineni family. 

There were a few comments that called Samantha as 'shameless' for not adhering to the way we have been taught to dress and for spoiling the next generation. 

Like a total boss, Samantha put up a 3-part Instagram story in response to all the moral policing. The first part read, "For all those of you who thought you had a say in how I should live my life after marriage.” The second part had the picture of a middle finger and the third part read, "Thankyou."

This bold reply has gotten Sam a lot of backing and support, turning down the negativity that surrounded her.