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Sai Dhanshika’s latest reply to T.Rajendar

We had earlier reported about the controversial incident revolving around actors T Rajendar and Sai Dhanshika at the Vizhithiru press meet. T Rajendar accused Dhanshika of not respecting him and failing to mention his name on stage. Dhanshika who broke down on stage did not talk about this issue and refrained from commenting on it. However, in a recent press meet, she has replied in an aggressive manner. Dhanshika has said:


I had decided not to talk about the issue that made me break down on stage. People say that TR sir is a very spiritual person. But no spiritual person would shout like that. I am actually into spirituality and I have learnt to be very calm. By nature, I am a very short tempered person but spirituality changed my temperament.


What TR sir told me on stage was covered by the media and it took me seven days to get out of it as it affected me mentally. But I decided to remain silent because I have faced such accusations in the past. The truth is that a lot of women have been facing such problems in various fields. I am not blaming all men and I actually wish to take this as an opportunity to thank the men with a helpful tendency, who have helped me to get this far.


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Sai Dhanshika statement after T.Rajendar fight controversy

We had reported earlier that, actor T.Rajendar who was present at the Vizhithiru movie press meet had a few exchange of words on the dias where he mentioned that Kabali actress Sai Dhanshika had forgotten to mention his name. This in turn made the actress apologise and finally tear down on stage.

Post this argument controversy, Sai Dhanshika had received a lot of people’s Facebook and Twitter posts asking her not to worry much about it. However, Dhanshika has come out with a statement just now. She has posted through her Twitter space, “I'm really obliged to d no of ppl 4showing their care and luv 4 me, for what happened to me. But it is a pity, this is state of lone women.

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