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Riaz K Ahmed's love for Superstar Rajinikanth explained

Riaz K Ahmed is a powerful name in film circuits. Starting as a film enthusiast and then identifying his indomitable love for Thalaivar Rajinikanth, this part time journalist grew into an artist manager and now is the PRO of celebrated artists and also the public relations officer of Superstar Rajinikanth.

Known for his vast experience in the cine-field and also for the rapport with the press, Riaz is the automatic choice for upcoming actors who are testing waters in the industry. Today, the 11th of February being Riaz Ahmed's birthday, we spoke to him to know about his fanaticism for Rajini and how he eventually became his PRO.

“I have always been a great lover of cinema. Even as a kid, I remember playing film based games only. I used to get film tapes and project it to people around. I started as an active participant in my Thalaivar's fan-camp. Rajini sir started to notice my goodwill and always knew me as his ardent fan. After a while, Thanu sir gave me the much needed break through the film Nallavan and later I became Disco Shanti's manager taking care of all her appointments and commitments. Also doing freelance journalism at that point of time, I learnt the functioning of the tinsel town and realized the potential of being a PRO.

More than anything else, I am any day a Thalaivar veriyan and nothing can define my love and respect for him. There came a time when he wanted me to be his close associate and I live up to that every day. Out of 159 films acted by Rajini, I've collected about 140 films of his. Whenever I go outstation, I make it a point to collect his DVDs. I used to watch a Rajini film in four different theaters to celebrate the film with different set of crowds and I still do it. I might have come a long way, but such great people have had a major impact on my life and the best ever birthday I've had was in the year 1993. Thalaivar's Hindi film begun on my birthday and I went and met him. Unforgettable day of my life that was.”


Riaz K Ahmed's love for Superstar Rajinikanth explained

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