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Recently, there was a shocking statement released by one of the leading actresses, Amala Paul. She had taken to her social media and said that she was thrown out of the multifaceted actor, Vijay Sethupathi’s upcoming project, VSP33 in which she was initially confirmed as the lead heroine.

Ratsasan star Vishnu Vishal supports Amala Paul’s VSP33 statement

She was replaced by another actress, Megha Akash since Amala was not “production-friendly” as stated by the production team. And all of a sudden, she received a message from producer Rathienavelu Kumar that her demands and terms does not suit Chandaraa arts project, so the team doesn’t want her in the film. The actress had poured out her grief in the statement.

To which, many people from the industry had supported her. One such person was, her Ratsasan co-star, Vishnu Vishal. He took to his social media and in a series of tweets expressed his support.

He wrote, “Happy to see an actor speak up...Numerous times it so happens that actors are the ones who are at ‘fault’ by ‘default’ ...Ive been tempted so many times to share how badly i was treated by a number of producers but then v still giv them the respect as a ‘Modhalaali’ “ He further wrote, “But like the coin has two sides , so does cinema...Ive workd with some really good n wonderful producers as well:)But its high time we speak up against the injustice done to us actors as well , emotionally n proffessionally n physically.”