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Actor Rana Daggubati recently stormed the internet after he announced his relationship status to the world. He had proposed to his girlfriend Mihika Bajaj and she had said yes, recently. He shared a lovely picture of them and posted it with a caption “And she said Yes :) #MiheekaBajaj”.

Rana Daggubati shares photo of Roka Ceremony with Miheeka Bajaj

Today, he shared a picture of him and Miheeka with a caption that read “And it’s official!!”. The Baahubali actor also posted a story on his Instagram with the same caption. Reacting to this, actor Nani had sent Rana a Whatsapp message asking “Abbai Engaged aa?”. Replying to this, Rana said it was a formal Roka ceremony. 

Funnily, Nani had thought that the engagement was over after he saw a few reports on Google about Rana’s engagement. He shared a light moment with Rana after sharing this and this conversation between the stars, which Rana shared on his story, has left everyone with nothing but a big smile on their faces.

Rana Daggubati and Miheeka Bajaj’s Roka ceremony happened at their Studio in Hyderabad yesterday, with only the families of the bride and bridegroom meeting each other. His engagement date is yet to be fixed and is reported to happen post the lockdown, when the situation is back to normal, amidst the presence of all his family members.

Check out his Roka Pic here:


And it’s official!! 💥💥💥💥

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