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Popular actress Shraddha Srinath was last seen on-screen in Tamil in Thala Ajith's Nerkonda Paarvai, helmed by H. Vinoth, who is also directing Ajith's next venture Valimai.

Sharddha Srinath shares the picture taken by Nani without her realization, with an emotional note

Shraddha debuted in Tollywood last year with the sports-drama Jersey that featured Nani in the lead role. With Anirudh Ravichander as the music director, the critically acclaimed film performed really well at the Box Office also.

Today, the film marks one year of its release and Shraddha shared an emotional write up on how she perceives the love between Arjun and Sarah in the film and shares what she wishes they had done differently. 

She shared this with the screenshot of her WhatsApp conversation with Nani, in which the actor had sent her an image taken without her realization with the message "This is your scene...kill it". Shraddha added that Nani was an incredible actor who is a joy to work with. Check out the post, below:


I'm a hopeless romantic. A sucker for love stories. Unfinished love stories, or love that could not be - they break my heart and cause me physical pain. I can't explain it. I think about Arjun and Sarah a lot and how their story ended so abruptly. I do. A love story that started so beautifully. There was respect, there was unconditional support, there was abundant love, there was a fire to fight against the world for one another. And then years later... there comes reality and it's not pretty. She is frustrated, he feels lost and hopeless. Some days I just wish Sarah had not refused to give Arjun the money he needed. Other times I wish Arjun had not hidden from Sarah why he quit playing cricket to begin with. I wish Sarah had been more supportive, more kind and less flustered. I wish Arjun had realised that being alive to watch his son grow up is more important than absolutely everything else. But maybe I don't understand Sarah and Arjun at all. Maybe there were a victim of their circumstances, far more complex than you and I can comprehend. And so, I can only wish. Perhaps in a parallel universe Sarah and Arjun still live. Perhaps, sometimes fiction becomes a part of our subconscious mind and thrives there and gets immortalised. One year since Jersey, I find myself absent mindedly thinking all this quite often. :) This photo was taken by Nani when I was rehearsing feverishly for the confrontation scene. He took it without me realising, then later asked me to check my messages. So sweet no. @nameisnani , you were such an incredible co actor. So sensitive and such a joy to work with. Mere awards cannot do justice to the kind of effort you put in. You made it timeless. And @gowtamnaidu , thank you my friend, for everything. ❤️

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