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Ram Gopal Varma’s controversial tweet on Bruce Lee biopic

It was officially announced by the makers of Bruce Lee Entertainment on May 7th that Shekhar Kapur would direct their next film on the direct Authorized Bruce Lee biopic 'Little Dragon.'


Vishwaroopam fame and world famous director Shekhar Kapur who had helmed the biopic of 'Queen Elizabeth' was chosen for this biopic on Bruce Lee. Once Ram Gopal Varma heard this news, he seemed not happy with Shekhar Kapur directing the biopic. He took to Twitter and said, “Just because of my devotional worship of Bruce Lee I am going to make his biopic and release it same time as Shekhar kapur's authorised one”.


Ram Gopal Varma's tweet soon grabbed attention, and there were assumptions if he was directly targeting Shekar Kapur. Then came his next tweet. “I have nothing against Shekar kapoor who I admire immensely but it's just my obsessive fascination for Bruce Lee”.


RGV's last tweet on the biopic of Bruce Lee was, “I know tremendously more about Bruce Lee than his daughter Shannon Lee,his wife Linda Lee and @shekharkapur”.


Now, this is some bold statement by RGV. We don't know if the director is going to stick on to his words and come up with a biopic of Bruce Lee. But, if he does so, then it's the best treat ever for fans to witness two biopics of Bruce Lee from two extremely different genres of director; Shekhar Kapur and Ram Gopal Varma.


‘Tweets not spell-checked’.

Ram Gopal Varma’s controversial tweet on Bruce Lee biopic

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