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Non-bailable warrant issued to Ram Gopal Varma

Ram Gopal Varma, one of the controversial Indian filmmakers, has been issued a non-bailable warrant for a copyright violation case of 2009. It all started when the filmmaker released his film 'Agyaat' in the year 2009 which was later claimed to be the story of Siddiqui Mushtaq Muhsin.


The non-bailable warrant was issued after Ram Gopal Varma failed to respond to the summons for the last two years. The court now has pushed the hearing to May 31.


Siddiqui Mushtaq Muhsin claims that he wrote a story and sent to Ram Gopal Varma through the post but did not receive any reply. In the year 2009 when he watched 'Agyaat,' he was shocked to see it was based out of his story which he sent. Siddiqui also added that he had registered the story with Film Writers Association and the records can be verified.


Non-bailable warrant issued to Ram Gopal Varma

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