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Ram-Andrea's third teaser of Taramani is out

Taramani - A JSK Film production, directed by Ram (Thanga Meenkal, Katradhu Tamizh), starring Andrea and Vasanth Ravi with music by Yuvan Shankar Raja had a new teaser launch (yesterday) to coincide with their announcement of August 11 as the theatrical release.


The teaser continues the movie maker's promotional campaign, which has seen online posters with the A certificate from the Censor Board, and the theme continues in the teaser too, with its censored dialogues being heard while uncensored dialogues are muted.

The makers of the film also want to highlight that one of the reasons for the A certification is not for any vulgarity or violence, but the heroine is seen smoking or drinking in a scene which is apparently subjected to A rating but it is not the same when a male lead or the supporting male characters do these things. They also mentioned this movie is very important for women and men, as it deals with the lives and character of both sides and could be seen as a reflection of today.

Ram-Andrea's third teaser of Taramani is out

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