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Swathi Kolai Vazhakku director Ramesh Selvan clarifies about the film's content and scenes

Swathi Kolai Vazhakku, directed by S.D.Ramesh Selvan has already run into controversy, just after the release of the film's trailer. The movie is inspired by the real incidents and reports of the murder at Nungambakkam railway station. Ramkumar, the accused, also passed away few days after Swathi's death, and there are many different perceptions about this issue among people. After seeing the trailer, Swathi's father had filed a case with the Director General of Police (DGP), Chennai, to ban the film, as the film might mentally affect his family.

Director Ramesh, in a recent press interaction, opened up about this controversy. He said, "Swathi Kolai Vazhakku film, has been narrated in four different perspectives, i.e., from Swathi's parents, Ramkumar's parents, police and the common public. We wanted to get a solution to this controversial issue. This film was neither taken to hurt any sides (Ramkumar or Swathi) nor the Tamil Nadu police officers, who are the world's best police team.

I have not taken the film without any social responsibilities. Ramkumar could have been mentally affected due to some reason, and the reason is yet to be found. One more Ramkumar should not come out. Police shouldn't have this high level of pressure. An incident like this should not happen once again, and only for that reason, I have made this film.

Swathi's father has registered a complaint with DGP, and I am very much aware of it. After finishing the final cut, we will definitely show the film to Swathi's parents and Ramkumar's parents and only after their approval, we would send the film to the censor board. If they find something objectionable, we would talk about it and sort out the issue.

Without going for a censor, we cannot release the film, and it is a known fact. Will the censor board allow the film, if there is any objection with the scenes? There is a shot in the trailer, which shows police slitting the throat of Ramkumar. We do not mean to say police killed him. There are some perspectives from the public point of view, and we have tried to portray only that.

We have not shown Ramkumar as an accused, in the trailer. Ramkumar could have been affected. We have talked to Swathi's friends, Ramkumar's lawyers, neighbors, television visuals, and only after a well in-depth research, we have made this project.

I am not a third class director who would want to make money and publicity out of Swathi's name and the murder. I have won 6 awards, and I am one of the respected directors in the industry. We did not want another Swathi in our society, and we haven't portrayed anything wrong about her. Not even a bit. If the film becomes a success at the box office, I would definitely give a share to both, Swathi and Ramkumar families. The trailer has created a huge curiosity, and the audience is very eager to watch the movie and know more about this controversial murder incident. Please support us."